Fares 2015

Adult All-Day Pass        $6.00

Adult Two-Day Pass        $10.00

Child's Pass (ages 7 through 11)        $2.00

One-Ride Pass        $4.00

"Late Rider" Special      $4.00*
*(unlimited rides, last two hours, any day, or pay $6.00 and ride the next day too!)  

30-Day Pass (General Public)        $27.00

30-Day Pass (Seniors 65+, with ID)        $17.00

30-Day Pass (Disabled, with Medicare Card)        $17.00

30-Day Pass (Students 16 and younger)        $17.00

NOTE:  The all-day passes are good on "all routes, all day long".
The One-Ride Pass allows you to board a transit vehicle, ride and then

-for trips starting and ending within Eureka Springs City Limits-
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
(This is a special curb-to-curb service,
within the city limits, requiring a 1-day advance
reservation.  ADA-Paratransit eligible riders will be given a pick-up time from 1 hour before to 1
hour after their requested pick-up times.

-for trips starting or ending beyond Eureka Springs City Limits-
0 to 7 miles:  $2.00 per boarding
7 to 15 miles:  $4.00 per boarding
15 to 25 miles:  $6.00 per boarding
More than 25 miles: $8.00 Plus $.75 Per Mile Over 25 Miles, per boarding Daily
For trips outside of Carroll County, there is a driver wait fee of $3.00 per hour.
One way trips will be charged a dead-head fee of 1/2 of the one way trip.
(This is a special curb-to-curb service requiring at 1-day advance reservation.  Reservations are
accepted up to 14 days out.)

ADA-Paratransit Services - $1.50 PER BOARDING
Available whenever regular fixed route service is offered.  See Schedule.
This is a special curb-to-curb service,
from and to any destination within 3/4 mile from
a fixed route.
 1-Day advance reservation is required; and passenger must be qualified
to use ADA-Paratransit Services.  See
ADA Paratransit for further information.

Parking at Transit & Welcome Center  - $5.00 for All-Day
Parking at Planer Hill Park & Ride Welcome Center - $5.00 for All-Day
(If you park at one of the two Welcome centers and buy an All-Day Adult
Trolley pass, you will receive a $3 discount on parking).